Spring Breeze, Entering Tokyo, Miss Caretaker
Sunohara Anime Episode 1 II
Kana はるかぜ 上京 管理人さん
Romaji Harukaze joukyo kanrinin-san
Season/Episode Episode 1
Air/Release Date July 5, 2018
Manga Equivalent CH 1, CH 2 , CH 3 , CH 4
Next Episode 2
"Spring Breeze, Entering Tokyo, Miss Caretaker" is the first episode of the Sunohara-Sō no Kanrinin-san anime series. It premiered on July 5, 2018.

Publisher Summary

Aki Shina, who is seen not as a man due to her feminine appearance, decides to enter high school in Tokyo alone in order to prove his manliness. In his solo trip to Tokyo, he enters into Sunohara Inn. What awaits him however is a caretaker named Ayaka Sunohara who taking care a huge place by this inn. In spite being treated like a kid by Ayaka, Aki vows to prove that he is man...[1]



  • Screenplay: Nagai Shingo
  • Storyboard: Ibe Yushi
  • Director: Ibe Yushi
  • Animation Director: Mizusaki Kenta/ Imada Akane
  • Chief Animation Director: Hirata Kazuya
  • Art Director: Maeda Minoru

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