Special training, Working fast, Scary things

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Sunohara Anime Episode 2 Tittle Card

Kana 特訓 ちょきちょき 怖いもの
Romaji Tokkun choki choki kowai mono
Season/Episode Episode 2
Air/Release Date July 12, 2018
Manga Equivalent CH 6, CH 7
Previous Episode 1
Next Episode 3
"Special training, Working fast, Scary things" is the second episode of the Sunohara-Sō no Kanrinin-san anime series. It premiered on July 17, 2018.


The first event at the high school that Aki enrolled will be an upcoming Sport Festival. Under the instruction from Yuzu Yukimoto of the Student Council, both Aki and Ayaka must participate the 3-legged race. Facing a competition they cannot afford to lose, Aki accepts Ayaka's training. With Ayaka is actually physically active and her unpredictable strictness and sweetness, can Aki about to achieve his first victory through this unexpected training?



  • Screenplay: Nagai Shingo
  • Storyboard: Ibe Yushi
  • Director: Ibe Yushi
  • Animation Director: Mizusaki Kenta/ Imada Akane
  • Chief Animation Director: Hirata Kazuya
  • Art Director: Maeda Minoru

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