Sunohara Inn

Aki Shina

Sunohara Anime OP Ayaka Aki

Aki and Ayaka.

The new resident of her inn who is often teased as a girl due to her feminine appearance. In their first meeting, Ayaka assumed Aki to be a girl due to his feminine looks and name. until Aki himself accidentally fainted after Ayaka bites his ear. In spite learning that Aki as a boy, Ayaka still treats him much like a child and cuddling him whenever she gets the chance, to Aki's dismay. She often calls him Akkun.


Nana Sunohara

Sunohara Anime Episode 6 Sunohara Sisters

The Sunohara Sisters.

Ayaka's younger sister who is also a former resident at the Sunohara Inn. Despite their differences, both appearance and personality wise, the sisters are in good terms. Even when she is no longer a resident of Sunohara Inn, Nana occasionally visits Ayaka especially during the holidays (Summer Vacation and Christmas).

Unnamed Grandmother


Nishiki Yatsuho

Sunohara Anime Episode 9 Ayaka and Nishiki

Ayaka and Nishiki.

The owner of the Yatsuho Liquor Shop and also also Ayaka's friend. As a friend, Ayaka often helps out Nishiki whenever she needs.

Matsuri Shina

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