Sunohara Inn

Aki Shina

Sunohara Anime Episode 6 Nana Akkun play game

Nana and Aki.

The new resident who recently becomes the resident of Sunohara Inn.

Yuzu Yukimoto

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Ayaka Sunohara

Sunohara Anime Episode 6 Sunohara Sisters

The Sunohara Sisters.

The elder sister of Nana who apparently runs the Sunohara Inn after their grandmother's hospitalization. Due to her feelings for Aki, Nana often seen Ayaka as her competition for his teasing. Nevertheless, the sisters are in good terms with each other.


Story06 3

Nana and her friends, Uchifuji and Mai.

Mea Uchifuji

Mea is one of Nana's friends.

Maiko Osonoi

Maiko is one of Nana's friends.